Universal Life

Our Universal Life Insurance Plan, the Horizon Classic provides a dynamic combination of guaranteed permanent life protection and a flexible cash value accumulation.

In your younger years, cash accumulation would be a priority however, as you grow older, the need to provide guaranteed life protection for your family increases.  The Horizon Classic allows you to custom design your policy with emphasis on either guaranteed life protection or cash value accumulation.  Overtime, as your needs and priorities change, the Plan’s flexibility permits a shift in emphasis.

Need emergency cash?  Your Horizon Classic Policy allows you to access your accumulated cash value by way of a withdrawal or loan.

Customisation Options

You have the added flexibility of customising your Horizon Classic Policy by purchasing the following add-ons known as riders.

  • Total Disability
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment

For more information, contact an Insurance Advisor or a GTM Office near you.