About Property Insurance

About Property Insurance

You invest a substantial amount in acquiring your house, contents, personal effects and other assets.  If you are an entrepreneur, you may have made significant financial investment in buildings, stock and equipment.  In the event of loss or damage resulting from fire, flood, earthquake, burglary or other perils can prove costly.  Extensive loss or damage may even result in financial ruin.  Purchasing adequate property insurance coverage ensures peace of mind and guard against financial disaster.

There are two categories of policyholders, Participating and Non-Participating.


GTM is a mutual company and owned by its participating policyholders.  Every three years, the company returns a percentage of premiums to participating policyholders through a ‘Cash Profit’ declaration.  To qualify, you purchase one of the following policies:

  • Fire Only
  • Fire and Limited Perils
  • Fire and Full Perils


Non-participating policyholders pay lower premiums but are not entitled to share in cash profit declarations. Additionally, there is a wider range of products available to non-participating policyholders.