Other Insurance Policies Available

GTM offers a range of other life related insurance to meet the needs of clients.


Our School Plus Plan provides insurance coverage for children attending school against accident death and dismemberment along with reimbursement of medical expenses due to accidents.  The Plan covers full time students attending nursery, primary and high schools (both public and private).  Coverage is for 24 hours per day and extends 365 days per year.


Our Accident Protection Plan provides up to $2.5M accidental death benefit payable to your loved ones.  The Plan pays up to $5,000 daily after the first day you are hospitalised due to an accident for up to 365 days.  Acceptance is guaranteed for ages 18 to 69 and coverage cannot be cancelled regardless of claim history, provided you pay your premium.


Our Sunset Plan is a burial insurance that pays in advance for your funeral expenses thus removing the financial burden from your loved ones.  The maximum coverage is $500,000.  Acceptance is guaranteed for ages 18 to 70 years, there are no medical requirements and coverage cannot be cancelled (renewal is guaranteed).


Provides cover of expenses associated with medical emergencies, lost baggage, Personal Accident and other benefits while you are travelling overseas.

For more information, contact an Insurance Advisor or a GTM Office near you.