Motor Insurance

Motor insurance is compulsory by law.  At minimum, a person wishing to operate a motor vehicle on the roads of Guyana is required to have basic insurance coverage on the vehicle at all times.  It covers damage or injury caused by you or someone authorised by you to drive the vehicle.

There are two main types of cover offered by GTM.


Comprehensive insurance covers your potential legal liability to other parties along with damage caused to your vehicle accidentally, fire and theft.  Our Medical Professionals Club, Female Drivers’ Club and Special Private Motor Insurance Package provide much wider coverage than any other offered in Guyana.


Third Party insurance covers your potential legal liability for damage to another vehicle, damage to another person’s property and bodily injury to another person.  Third Party insurance does not cover loss or damage to your vehicle.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SIGN UP? Please complete our Motor Insurance Application Form and submit it to a GTM Insurance Advisor or one of our offices near you.